Wednesday, July 28, 2010

9 Month Appointment

The boys had their 9 month appointment (6.5 months corrected) with their paediatrician. Matthew has finally surpassed Reece weighing almost 1 pound more and being 1/2 a cm taller. They are both above the 70 percentile for weight and above the 80 percentile for height.

Reece now weighs 8.48 kg (18lbs 11oz) and is 70 cm long. He flips over all the time back and forward and manages to travel around the room that way. He can sit up for short periods of time on his own but is a little wobbly and then puts his hands down into tripod. He is also very close to crawling. He rocks back and forward on all fours and even scoots his legs but hasn't seemed to get in control of his balance when he lifts one arm. Matthew now weighs 8.84 kg (19lbs 8oz) and is 70.5 cm long. He has learned to flip over onto his tummy but is not as proficient in flipping back onto his back. He has gotten very good at sitting up on his own but he still topples over sometimes, especially if he tries to look too far behind him.

Sunday, July 4, 2010

First Swim in the River

The boys and I got to enjoy our first swim in the river at our cottage. Last summer I was just too tired to do anything (I basically slept 18 hours a day) so I never made it into the water.
Reece had a blast in the water, splashing around and floating. Matthew was a little more tentative but by the end seemed to enjoy the water.