Wednesday, April 21, 2010

First Cold :(

Well the inevitable has happened... the boys have their first colds. Matthew's is presenting as brochialitis and needs to use a nebulizer. Reece's is presenting as an ear infection for which he has been subscribed an antibiotic. As far as colds go this is fairly mild and Reece and Matthew have been so good. They have not been eating as much but are getting lots of rest.

On a positive note, the boys got wieghed at their doctor's appointment today and they are both over 14 pounds. Reece is now 6.56kg (14lbs 7oz) and Matthew has actually surpassed his brother and is now 6.62kg (14lbs 9oz). They will be seeing the doctor again next week for their 6 month shots and will be measured and reweighed so we'll see who is bigger!!

Saturday, April 17, 2010


The boys had their very first swimming lesson today and they did GREAT!! Both boys seemed to really enjoy the water! We took a few pictures with a diposable waterproof camera so it will take some time to get the pictures developed, scanned and uploaded.