Thursday, January 14, 2010

Due Date

Today is Reece and Matthew's official due date. The occupational therapist and doctors told us that all references to their progress are based their adjusted age which means today they are 1 day old. Do these look like one day old babies?
We have a hard time believing it since both boys can hold up thier heads, grab and follow things with their eyes and stay up for extended periods of time. Especially Reece; we call him our little toddler because he is so big and eating so much already.


BECKY said...

Love the at home pictures.
If Reece had been sleeping on the couch he'd look just like Daddy!
Happy Bris!
(BTW, Hallmark makes Christening cards, Bar Mitzvah cards, Communion cards, but not Bris cards).

deb said...

Great BIG smile from me!

Cara said...

Congrats Audrey & Dug! Your boys are absolutely precious!