Saturday, February 20, 2010


February has been a busy month with several milestones being met. Both boys are starting to look at their surroundings and interact with objects. They seem to be art lovers as both boys spend lots of time staring at the paintings on the walls. We've had a few play dates with their girlfriends Grace and Charlotte and look forward to more get-togethers soon.

Matthew has started cooing and is often very content just lying in bed or sitting in his bouncy chair looking at things or batting at hanging toys. But when he is hungry, oh boy can he SCREAM!! He has found his thumb and most exciting of all, he has a big smile which we seem to see more and more often. In general, Matthew is a happy baby that is growing well and developing at a normal pace and his favourite thing is napping with daddy and laying on his chest!!

Reece started batting at objects and rolled over first but seems to spend most of his time grunting and sometimes screaming. We think it's gripe but nothing we have tried has really worked. He does not seem to like laying down on his back and is most content in his swing staring out the window or sitting on daddy's lap and staring at the paintings.


Jane said...

he he, I love the picture of Reece and Charlotte! that's Hilarious!
when you have time (ha!), can you send me a couple pictures from that day?

Anonymous said...

Hi Audry and Dug. We've just discovered your blog and will be regular visitors in the future. The boys are so cute and it sounds like you guys are really enjoying them. We'd love to come for a visit some time to see your new family.
Oh, by the way, what's with the Canuck jersys? Don't the boys know that they live in Leaf Nation!

Andre & Lori