Friday, December 23, 2016

2016 ~ Year in Review

2016 was a year of big changes for the Georgetown faction of the Hogarth Family.  In December of 2015, after a long search, we bought a house with just over 1 acre of property; still in Georgetown but just south of where we were (cutting 2-5 minutes off our commute).  With a closing date of May 30th 2016, we spent the entire first part of the year decluttering, packing, and fixing our old house. We painted all the rooms, replaced all the trim and installed bamboo flooring in the living room and family room.  We finally finished everything and put the house on the market in March.  After just three days on the market we received 3 offers and sold the house just over asking.

In June, we moved into our new house and have been enjoying the spacious rural living ever since.  The first night we moved in, Reece lost his first tooth; Matthew had lost his first tooth a month earlier.  Both have since lost a second tooth and the race is now on to see who will be the first to lose their third tooth.  Matthew was so excited that there was a swing set in the new backyard that he learned how to swing by himself.   He would run out there first thing in the morning and a soon as he got home from school until it got dark, swinging away!! Dug picked up several new “toys” to enjoy the new property; including several bb guns, and a drone which he has been having fun with exploring the nearby landscape.

This was the first summer that the boys (and I) did not visit Kelowna L but we made the best of it and did a bunch of fun day trips to keep us occupied.  We went fishing at a nearby creek and Reece caught his first fish.  We took the Go Train and Subway down town and went to the ROM to see the Dinosaurs exhibit.  We went to the CN Tower, Ripley’s Aquarium and even a TFC game. The boys also got to experience Canada’s Wonderland for the first time (and then several times after that).  They were so excited to be able to get on most of the big rides. Their favourite ride? The Vortex.  Needless to say, we bought seasons passes for next year and look forward too many more fun rides!

Mid-August we finally got our swimming pool and patio installed.  Matthew already learned how to swim the previous summer in Kelowna but Reece learned how to swim within a matter of days of having the pool.  They spent the rest of their summer – sun up to sun down – in the pool, unless they were playing on the trampoline, Ninja Line or the 80-foot Zip line we installed between two big trees in our side yard.

Because of the move, the boys started grade 1 at a new school, Pineview Public School, in September. It is a much smaller school with less than 200 students from kindergarten to grade 5.  Reece is in Mrs. Ferriera’s grade 1 class and Matthew is in Mrs. Churchill’s grade 1-2 split class.  The school bus picks them up each morning from in front of our house and afterschool they go to an after-school care program at the church across the street. They love the workers there.  They are making friends and having fun.

For their birthday in October both boys opted to host a party at our new house.  Both boys invited a few new friends plus a few from their old school/neighbourhood.  Reece had a Dinosaur themed party where they painted/decorated picture frames and Reece presented a dinosaur puppet show.  This was followed later in the day with Matthew’s Minion themed party where he had ice-cream cake and played on the trampoline, ninja, and zip lines.  They were thrilled with their shared birthday present of the new Skylanders Imaginators video game and characters.

Dug and I have become Ketogenists… no that is not a new religion (although Dug treats it like it is). Basically, it is a no carb, no sugar diet.  Dug has lost a ton of weight and it has helped me control my diabetes tremendously and given me some new-found energy. So much so that my new years resolution is to update the family blog regularly again.  Check it out at

We are very much looking forward to spending our Xmas in Mexico this year with some of our favourite people; Nana, Ovi and Espy.  Two weeks of fun in the sun in Cabos San Lucas is sure to recharge our batteries for whatever 2017 brings.

The new year may bring a new addition to the family…. No I am NOT pregnant!  We are thinking about getting another dog to play with Cuddles and keep her company.  With the huge yard and house there is more than enough room.

Well that’s about it for my first ever “year in review” letter.  We hope that this letter finds you in good health and good spirits surrounded by family and friends.  We wish you all the very best this holiday season and many happy returns in the new year.


The Hogarths

Audrey, Dug, Reece, Matthew & Cuddles ~i~ ~i~

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