Saturday, October 31, 2009

First week!!

Wow! The boys are a week old. Both Dug and I are amazed how fast they are progressing. I thought they would be on the ventilator for weeks but they have both moved on to cpap and are at room level oxygen which is amazing. The steriod shots I received at 26 weeks have made a world of difference. Like all babies, they lost wieght in their first week of life but are both almost back to their birth weight. And like almost all premature babies, and alot of full term babies, they have both had spouts of juandice which have been treated with photo therapy. They are both already feeding on breast milk every 2 hours and tolerating it well. They are still so small but I'm getting used to changing them and the routines at the NICU. At first you are so hesitatnt to touch them or do anything because you don't want to do anything wrong and they don't really feel like yours but now I'm much more comfortable being around MY babies and I take every opportunity to do more and more with them. I am really looking forward to kangaroo care (skin to skin contact on your chest) which we may be able to start next week of the week after that.

Even though the boys are not at home with us, Dug and I are thoroughly exhausted. From late nights at the nicu, travelling back and forth between downtown and Georgetown, fast food meals at the most bizzare times, making calls to update everyone on the latest developments and nondevelopments, Dug going to work and me pumping every 2-3 hours, as well as pure excitement and apprehesions, we are both totally sleep deprived. My dad has been my saving grace; driving me to and from the nicu when I'm too tired, bringing me good nutricious meals to the nicu and my house. I would be even more sleep deprived and laking any energy if it wasn't for him. Thanks dad!!

We are hoping that next week will be better as fall into a schedule and put some limits on what we can and just cannot feasibly do. The boys are doing so well so we want to start planning how we can manage long term. Needless to say it has been quite the adventure so far and I look forward to many more firsts as Reece and Matthew continue to grow.

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