Sunday, November 1, 2009

Day 8

The night shift nurses had a little fun with the nicu babies for halloween last night. They took pictures of all the babies and drew funny faces on the print outs.

Earlier in the week one of the nurses made name tags for all the babies. Dug and I have been adding a sticker everyday to their stars! Today they are 8 days old!

Matthew is peeing and pooping more regularly now. He is being increased to 2ccs of breast milk with an increase on 1cc every 12 hours. His umbilical cord fell out which sucks because now he has to have an iv which needs to be changed every 48hours (ouchy!) They tried to cycle him off the cpap today for 2 hours but he had multiple spells of apnea so they have decided that it still too early for him. The nurses say he is very fussy when he is handled but Dug and I have yet to see this side of him. All he ever does when we are around is sleep.

Reece is still having spells after his time off the cpap. He is being increased to 4ccs of breast milk with an increase of 1cc every 12 hours. Oh boy, I better get pumping!! I changed his diaper today and he had a huge poopy but at least he did not poop while I was changing him.


Jane said...

Audrey and Dug! They are so beautiful! and seem to have grown/developed so much! Must be like a whirlwind in some ways for you!! I'm thinking of you, and the boys all the time!

Jane said...

Audrey.... My mum says congrats and says it sounds like you have lots of 'bags of poo' now! haha... get it... you know... bags of POOH.. from the butterfly release :)

Sounds like the boys like to eat!

Anonymous said...
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