Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Day 10

I got to hold Matthew for the first time today. He opened his eyes while in my arms for a little bit and then fell asleep. They tried to put in the picc line for Matthew again but it was unsuccessful. He has beentollerating his 1cc of food so they are increasing it to 2ccs.

Reece is still having some dips but also still increasing his food by 1cc every 12 hours and is up to 8cc every 2 hours. His poops have been irregular so they gave him a suppository.


Anonymous said...

Audrey, look at the smile he has on his face. He is so adorable.


Jane said...

Matthew is looking so much bigger! and Reece looks very content :)
what adorable little people they are! I just can't wait to meet them, when they are ready!!

Ter said...

they are so adorable. I'm glad you've been able to hold them.