Sunday, November 29, 2009

Day 36

The boys are doing great.

Reece is upto 1796 grams (3lbs 14oz) and taking 24 ccs. He is cyclying off the cpap, 4 hours on, 8 off and tomorrow they may try him without the cpap all day!!!

Matthew is at 1700 grams (3lbs 12oz) and taking 23 ccs. He is cycling off his cpap 4 hours on, 8 hours off and doing great!

Dug and I are thinking (hoping) that the boys will be transferred to a level 2 hospital closer to home (hopefully Credit valley) by next weekend!!!! Fingers crossed :)


Ter said...

I am so glad they are still doing so well and hoping for continued well-being!


BECKY said...

Wow, they are closing in on 4lbs already... a pound in less than two weeks.
They're going to be bigger than you in no time!!
Glad they are doing so well and getting off the cpap's more and more.