Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Day 25

Both boys are doing great and tolerating 18ccs of fortified breast milk and formula. Matthew finally has a regular cpap machine like the one Reece has which I had bugged the staff numerous times for because Matthew seemed to be struggling the bubble cpap. Niether of the boys had any major spells today so they will probably try cycling them off the cpap again for a couple of hours tomorrow. Both boys are gaininhg weight and to our surprise Reece has actually surpassed Matthew in weight. Matthew is now 1324 grams (2.918 lbs)and Reece is now 1351 grams (2.978 lbs). They're almost 3 pounds!!! :)

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Jane said...

Yeah for gaining weight!
Charlotte has lost a bit of weight.. hopefully she doesn't take long to get back to where she was!
thinking of you guys always, can't wait for the time when we can get all t he little ones (and big ones- that's us and the hubby's) together!!