Friday, November 6, 2009

Day 13

Reece is taking 14ccs of breast milk every two hours and has finally surpassed his birth weight, now at 1106 grams!! They cycled him off the cpap for 4 hours today and he did very well. Only a few dips, which he also has on the cpap. The nurses are noticing a pattern though, he tends to have shallow breathing and bradys at the end of a feeding.

Matthew is now 1225 grams and is tolerating 6ccs of breast milk, still increasing 1cc every 12 hours. He was cycled off his cpap for 4 hours and did great!! His iv from yesterday was still okay so he got a break from being poked today :) I held Matthew again today and he just fell asleep. So cute!!


deb said...

Much appreciate the updates! So glad the boys are doing well. They seem to be well looked after by the nurses and of course their mom and dad are the BEST!

Ter said...

still rooting for those babies of yours! :)