Thursday, November 12, 2009

Day 19

Matthew is up to 12ccs and tolerating it well. He is getting his feeds through slow blous over 1 hour and that seems to be halping him absorb. They are going to wait to he he stable at full feeds before they try to cycle him off the cpap.

Reece is at his full feeds at 16ccs and is also getting fed through slow bolus over 1 hour which seems to help with his dips that he gets at the end of feeds. They have been trying to cycle him off his cpap for 4 hours and has been doing okay. He still has some dips but he has dips on the cpap too. They tried to cycle him off the cpap for 6 hours once but he had aspartes and reflux. Poor little guy was just exhausted by the end of the 6 hours.


Stacey Levin-Esar said...

Hi Audrey! Congratulations... they are so gorgeous. I think Matthew has a BEAUTIFUL mouth!
Listen, I am just in Newmarket - I really want to come and see you and your family. Please call me if you have the energy - or give me your cell and I will call you. I'll email you my #.
Lots of love,

deb said...

It is so wonderful to watch this amazing progress! I'll cheer the day the boys come home and then another cheer when I can meet them!

Hugs to you all!