Saturday, November 7, 2009

Day 14

I held Reece today. Reece is up to his full feeds, 15ccs every 2 hours. Now his feeds will increase as his weight increases. He is still having some dips but most are small and self recovered.

Matthew had a few dips today so they did not try cycling him off his cpap. He was up to 7ccs but it was not all absorbing so they brought him back down to 6ccs. His iv from 2 days ago is still good so they have decided to keep it in rather than poking him again. They are hoping to get him upto 3/4 of his full feed, 16ccs, so that he doesn't need the iv anymore. The night nurse changed the nose prongs to a smaller size and added a chin strap to keep his mouth closed so that the pressure on the bubble cpap remains constant.

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