Thursday, November 5, 2009

Day 12

Matthew pulled out his iv today and it took the nurses 4 attempts to get another one in. Poor little guy has so many bruises from the constant poking. He is up to 4ccs of breast milk which a nice step forward but he needs to be absorbing so much more.

Reece had his umbilical cord iv removed today because he doesn't need it anymore. Yay!! He is taking 11ccs of breast milk every 2 hours and still increasing by 1cc every 12 hours. He still isn't back up to his birth weight but if he keeps eating like this he will surpass it in no time. I held Reece again today. He was a bit fussy at times but slept most of the time. In addition to just being so nice to hold Reece, after I hold him I pump so much more milk which is an added bonus. :)

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Becky. said...

Don't worry, I'm sure Matthew is just competing with his brother for your attention. Plus, pulling out his iv gets the nurses to come... he's already a lady's man!