Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day 11

Reece is up to 10cc of breast milk and tolerating it well. A few more ccs and he will be able to have his umbilical cord iv removed. He had a few spells today but they were self correcting which is great. His weight is now 1059 grams, which is still below his birth weight but he should surpass that weight by tomorrow. Best of all Dug got to hold Reece for the first time!

A third attempt at putting a picc line in for Matthew was again unsuccessful but his current iv is holding well and may last another day. The doctors are thinking of sending him to sick kids to get the line put in under ultrasound. He is up to 3ccs of breast milk and he is past his birth weight, now at 1215 grams.

Dug finished putting the cribs together tonight that his friend Monica, who had triplets a few years ago, graciously lent us. Thank you so much Monica :)


Ter said...

It's so sad to see all the tubes and wires, but I know it is helping them get big and strong so they can come home.

lina, chris, and olivia said...

way to go Hogarth boys we are so proud of you Reece and Matthew. Mom and Dad look great too! Awesome job Dug and Audrey, I always knew you could do it.