Wednesday, May 19, 2010

First Solids

A few days ago we decided to give the boys Rice Cereal to see what would happen. Here are some of the!!

Matthew all excited to try solids!!

"Uhm... what is this??"

A messy but happy eater!

Reece's first taste of solids


He even cleans up after himself!!

Since then Reece has really been enjoying his 1 tablespoon of Rice Cereal at lunch time. You can barely give it to him fast enough. I'm thinking of increasing him to 2 meals a day.

Matthew on the other hand has not gotten used to the consitency or eating with a spoon. He has also been sick with a stuffed up nose and cough for the past few days so he hasn't been eating much in general.

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Jane said...

those are some cute pictures!! :)
I think they've grown since last week!