Friday, May 14, 2010

Four Months Old (corrected)

Today the doctor from Women's College follow up clinic came to check on the boys to see how they are developing. She said that boths boys look great and are meeting their milestones. Here is the list they are supposed to be able to do by 4 months.
  • Turn head side to side to follow a toy.
  • Glance from one object to another.
  • Turn head toward a source of sound.
  • Make sounds when looking at toys or people.
  • Brighten to sound, especially people's voices.
  • Respond to you by making sounds and moving arms and legs.
  • Laugh and smile at you.
  • Finish each feeding within 45 minutes.
  • Lift head and support self on forearms.
  • Bring both hands to chest and keep head midline when lying on back.
  • Hold head steady when supported in a sitting position.
  • Reach for an object when supported in a sitting position.
  • Hold an object briefly when placed in hand.

Both boys did very well during the doctor's evaluation. Some things she mentioned was that Reece has 'low tone' in his midsection but it should improve soon and his bobble head when sitting will go away. Reece has a preference for his right side so we have to actively stimulate him to look and go to the left.

As for Matthew, she said that she can see that he is more of a people person and would rather play with people than with toys. We also have to stop letting him stand and not put him in the jolly jumper or exerciser anymore. She said the standing reflex needs to go away so that he can reach his next milestones of sitting on his own and eventually crawlling.

Finally, the doctor also recommended that we start feeding the boys solids. She said that it could take some time to get them to understand that it is food and meant to be swallowed and that if we just stick to the grains for now then there shouldn't be any issues with allergies.

Overall she was very happy with their progress and her recommendation was MORE TUMMY TIME!!

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