Saturday, December 5, 2009

Day 42

Arrrrggg!!! Yesterday we were told that two beds were available at the Brampton hospital and that the boys would be transfered the next day but then today we were told that those beds got filled overnight so once again the boys are still at WCH. But at least they are at their level 2 facility and doing great.
In the afternoon I got to put Matthew to my breast and he took to it right away. Then at night I put Reece to the breast for the 2nd time and he did amazing. I'm so proud of my boys.
Reece is now 2050 grams (4lbs 8oz) and Matthew is now 1943 grams (4lbs 5oz).


Ter said...

oh I bet they just loved being close together again as they were in the photo. :)

They are doing so good, I'm so happy to hear that.

Jane said...

I love the picture!
They look amazing, and I'm pretty sure with the rate of their weight gain they will pass Charlotte VERY soon!
New beds will come available soon!
So glad they are in level 2 :)

love ya

Nicola said...

Wow, Audrey, they are looking positively chubby :) I hope they get to move closer to home soon. Hang in there!

kthomas said...

Audrey, your boys are getting so big and they are so adorable!!! They will be home before you know it. They are doing so well!