Monday, December 21, 2009

Hair Cut

I finally chopped off my hair to be donated to an organization that makes wigs for children with cancer. I can't beleive how long it was; I was able to donate almost 15inches.


Becky said...

Good for you! And my short-hair girls' club gains another member!
Your hair still looks pretty long and there are a lot less regrets about cutting it all off when you have a good reason for it.

Ter said...

A while ago (maybe 2 yrs?) I looked and didn't see anything in canada like this... where did you send it? I would really like to do that now and I think my hair is long enough..... let me know, will you? Thanks!

Audrey said...

There is a list of organization on the Canadian Cancer Society website.

Beth said...

Holy Sh@#$!!
That's awesome Audrey!
I don't think I have EVER seen you with short hair! You look BEAUTIFUL!!