Thursday, December 31, 2009

Day 67

We thought Dug was going to get the most amazing birthday gift this year... Reece coming home. Reece had been spell free for a week, passed his car seat test, had his feeding tube removed and was tolerating all of his feeds orally... all signs that he was ready to go home. BUT the night before he was to be discharged he had a brady while taking his medications. This was followed by two days of losing weight from not feeding well and having his tube put back in. He continued to have spells until we finally took him off his meds and he is a much happier camper now.

The nurses joked that Reece just didn't want to leave without Matthew so he purposely had a spell so he could stay longer. And funny enough a few days later Matthew had a spell so his seven day count down had to be restarted and later that day Reece had a spell too. LOL After finding them all cuddled up in bed like this I think the nurses might be right. They love being together. :)


Jane said...

this is the cutest picture ever!!! definitely frameable!

ter@waaoms said...

I love the photo!

I'm sorry reece had the spell but you're probably right, they want to be together. :)

(p.s. sorry I haven't been here a while, I moved my blog and have been trying to get all hte blogs I follow back in place)