Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Nervous to Attend Group

I'm a little nervous for my first perinatal bereavement group meeting that my husband and I are attending tomorrow night. I know I'm being silly but I'm getting all anxious and worried about the stupidest things like I'm worried that I might be too nervous to talk ,or worse, so nervous that I won't shut up. What if I don't like these people and I'm not comfortable around them... then where will I go for help. What if I can't handle hearing about their losses because it makes me more sad and start crying uncontrollably. My poor husband is going to have to sit there with me being a blubbering mess.
We were told that the meetings topic for the evening is "mementos" and we are supposed to bring something that reminds us of our babies to talk about. I have no idea what to bring. Should I bring their pictures or the clothes they wore in the hospital or the foot prints and hand prints the hospital made for us. I don't want to look stupid and bring all of it but I don't know what the right thing to bring would be.
I really hope that this group will help me deal with the grief but I am getting so nervous I feel like at the last minute I'm going to say "No, I can't go"

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